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 Louisville is a big-small town, no?  Through this awesome adventure that is LouFamFun, I have come to realize that those people you see on billboards, hear on the radio, elect to positions or lead board rooms – they are really, simply “Parents Like Us.”   I learned that they read LouFamFun and use it just like everyone else, they wake up early to prep school lunches, shuttle kids to soccer, worry about their kids, encourage their children when they need it most and it just so happens – a lot of people might also know who they are because of their jobs.   Hence, this feature came to mind to give them a voice to share about their families and their lives in Kentuckiana as it relates to parenting.

 photo sean008e_zps04f4231c.jpgThis first feature is Elizabeth Woolsey.  I have to admit, I see her on TV and think….. WOW! She is so put together, always looks great…does she ever put her yoga pants on backwards when late for dropping the kids off at school?  Well, I don’t know the answer to that one but I do know the answers to the questions I asked her. Yes, she’s leading the local news on WDRB but she’s also a mom, a wife, and likely the household finder-of-lost-socks just like me.

Tell us a little bit about your family and how long you have called the Louisville area your home:

I’m originally from Missouri, and my husband from Arkansas. I met my husband in Arkansas covering a story when I was working as reporter, and he was a newspaper photographer. We’ve been together ever since! My job at WDRB brought us to Louisville. We love it here and have called it home for 16 years! We have two boys, one in kindergarten and one in second grade at Christian Academy of Louisville.

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What’s one thing every parent in our area should know about?

The public school system here operates differently than any I have ever seen. My advice to parents is do your research early! Look into all your options earlier than you think is necessary, so you can take tours and select the school that provides the best fit for your children. There are great public and private options!

If you had $20 to spend (and we make you spend it!!) to fill an entire 3hrs of entertainment for your family, what would you choose to do?

We love the St. Matthews farmers market on Saturdays. There is something for everyone with animals, food and entertainment. We always buy kettle corn for the kids, delicious homemade pasta, fruits and veggies. We’ll also grab sandwiches at Jimmy John’s and hit a local park.

What is your families favorite quick meal spot for dining out, and why?

You’ll find us at either Texas Roadhouse or Impellizzeri’s every week. Texas Roadhouse is one of the only places my kids will clean their plates. My older son could live on the rolls alone if I allowed it. And we love the patio at Impellizzeri’s. Besides the great pizza, my kids have plenty of room to take their Hot Wheels and spread out while we eat.

It’s Date Night!!!! Where are you going?

My idea of a great date night is a long, relaxing dinner. We love Varanese and also frequent NuLu. There are so many great choices there, and we might hit one spot for dinner and another for dessert. We’re lucky to have so many fantastic restaurant options here – it’s sometimes hard to make a decision.

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What gets you through those tough parenting days? (besides date night!)

I talk to my mom often. She always has great advice and such a positive attitude. Comparing notes and talking with friends is also a huge help. Sometimes just sharing problems and concerns and discovering you’re not alone can be comforting. Friends who have been in your shoes usually have great advice as well.

Thanks Elizabeth, it was our pleasure to learn more about you!

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