Programs in Louisville that Support Local Children and Communities


Just today, a juvenile decided to shoot another juvenile in a school.  That is just unacceptable on so many levels.  We might think, why would you settle a squabble with a gun?  Take such extreme measures for what is being reported as a silly motive?   Time will give more answers but the answer, in my opinion, is that somewhere, somehow, this juvenile was not taught how to cope.  They weren’t shown how to deal with difficult situations in an appropriate way. Someone didn’t equip them with tools to manage their life, their struggles small or large.  This person obviously had access to a gun but, sadly, that might be said about many young people and not all young people turn to violence. Why?  Because they have people invested in their lives that make a real connection with them to show them their value, show them the value of other people and teach them how to properly walk through life to be the best person they can be.

I truly believe in the goodness of people and have empathy for those who are lost in our community. It is disturbing that the students and staff at Fern Creek High School experienced such a traumatic event, that a young person was targeted and injured.  I am also distressed about the young individual who turned to gun violence.  Both sides are extremely sad.  I have chosen a path to dedicate all of my professional life to children because I can model to my own children a life of service and compassion but someone has to do that for those who do not have a model – so I’ll try to play as many positions as possible.  
I hope that you are compelled to look at the time you have week in and week out and consider finding a local organization through which you can help steer our young people in the right direction.  Model for your children that you care about your community and inspire them to grow up socially conscious.  Changing one life changes the lives around them.

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In Louisville – the following organizations serve our children in a variety of ways and you can help in some capacity.   Don’t just watch the news coverage, dedicate your time to doing something. 
Metro United Way is a great place to start looking for ways to help!

School lock downs and violence are too regular.  I believe that investing quality time in our communities will impact our future for the better.  If only one volunteer would be one of many, maybe the change would be apparent sooner rather than later and events like what took place could be past, not present.  


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