Review of Feed the Party in Louisville, KY


Lauren was given a Feed the Party package for purpose of review.
Recently, the writers at Louisville Family Fun were given the opportunity to get a Feed the Party box and review it. I was the lucky writer who got to do it and I was so excited! We planned a night where we could have friends and family over. I knew ahead of time, based on their website, that we would have 2 pork chops, 2 New York Strip steaks, 2 filet mignons, 8 hamburgers, 6 bratwursts, and the buns needed for that meat. We also were going to receive a bottle of Henry Bain’s sauce. We planned the sides, drinks, and desserts to go along with it and set a date!

 photo feedthepartypic1_zps7beedc71.jpgThe day before the party, we received our box. It is shipped Fed Ex and comes frozen in a box, then a Styrofoam cooler, packed with dry ice (a fun extra experience for children too!). Since it comes frozen, I would recommend getting it a couple days early so you make sure you have enough time to thaw it all. Although it had never happened before, they did forget one of our pork chops, so it might be nice to get it ahead of time to double check your order. Luckily, they were very gracious, apologetic, helpful when I notified them of the mistake. The owner was very nice and sent a bonus box the next business day, which I very much appreciated!
When we got our box, we put all of the meat in the refrigerator. It was perfectly thawed by our party the next day and looked fantastic! They threw in some extra bourbon smoked salt and pepper (which comes in many of their packages), so we put some of that on the burgers and steaks, and turned on the grill! The food was an absolute hit!

We had a group of people ranging in age from 1 to 88. We decided to get some hot dogs for the kids because we weren’t sure what they would eat from the meat we already had. The first thing gone were the burgers. The oldest person there said that it was the best burger she’d ever had in her life! I’d say that’s a pretty big complement! One burger complaint was that the bun to meat ratio wasn’t quite right. The buns were nice, big, deli buns, but I guess they didn’t feel that the burger was thick enough to need that much bread. I had the steak and it was absolutely delicious! Definitely high quality and really yummy!
 photo feedthepartypic2_zps7401d08a.jpg
Interestingly, our one pork chop did not even get touched. And only one bratwurst of the six was eaten. It was clear what the favorites were at the party. I thought it was interesting when I saw their packages came with set things in them, ranging from expensive steaks to less expensive bratwursts (although they were clearly high quality ones). I wondered ahead of time how you decide who gets what food. I think a good suggestion for them in the future would be to have set prices for individual or groups of different options (2 steaks, 5 burgers, etc.) so that people could choose all steaks, or all burgers if they wanted to.

Overall, the meat was delicious and for people who are tailgaiting, going to a family picnic or reunion, or just having a cookout at home, I would highly recommend it. I think with a few tweaks, this new business will be thriving! You can’t beat good food!

By guest contributor: Lauren

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