Review of Stage One Children’s Theater in Downtown Louisville, KY


 photo photo2_zpsbf62bc15.jpgOn Friday, I got to chaperone my second grader’s trip to Stage One Children’s Theater to see a performance called Petite Rouge – A Cajun Red Riding Hood based on the book by Mike Artell. We, along with several other elementary school classes, had the honor of being the first to see the show, which will run matinees at 2:00 on Saturdays starting the October 18 through November 1. Public performances are available.

 photo photo3_zps00fa23e7.jpgThe performance begins by drawing the audience in with a sung narrative then introduces Petite Rouge, who is tired of doing nothing and going nowhere and just wants some excitement – much to the dismay of her mama and scaredy cat TeJean but the great joy of the bayou alligator Claude. The dialog is a mix of silly and witty humor, dripping with Cajun flavor. The musical numbers throughout are toe tapping and I heard the kids singing well after the show had ended. Lasting about an hour, the nonstop action and quick minimal costume changes were enough to keep an entire of audience of kids at full attention with minimal squirminess. My favorite second grader’s favorite parts were the hilarious chases that had the entire room roaring with laughter.

I had a great time and so did all the kiddos there. Tickets are $20 for ages over 13 and $15 for ages 1-12, and Stage One recommends ages 4 and up. There’s also the new family pass that makes for such a great deal.  If prices are cost prohibitive for the whole family, the show would be perfect for a special a parent/kiddo “date” downtown. The venue is so open, there’s not a bad seat in the house.

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