Review of Big Hero 6 – the movie


We were given admission to see the sneak preview for big hero six. We headed to Cinemark Tinseltown on an early Saturday morning to enjoy the movie. Definitely a special treat on a cold fall day.

During the previews there was a short animated film about a dog named Winston called Feast that was just adorable. If you go to see Big Hero 6, they will show the same short at the beginning of the previews.  It was just so well done and something that my entire family really loved. 
Big hero 6 is a story of a young very intelligent boy who is into robotics. He is inspired by his brother to come up with the super creation to be admitted to the university to study robotics and during all of this he makes new friends and creates amazing technology.   The story has sentimental times, lots of funny moments and a ton of action – even some plot twists.  I think it’s a great movie for school age children and older – my husband and I found it entertaining as well so definitely perfect for a family night out.


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