Review of Holden Healing Massage in Louisville, KY


When I was asked to review a local massage therapist’s services, I was glad to help out! I said goodbye to my family and headed out for an hour of bliss! Holden Healing Massage is located in one of the suites in the white Kendall Building, right next to Oxmoor Kia.

The owner, Teri, has one room with a massage table, and it is very cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Before we got started, we discussed my health history, preferable massage type (relaxation vs deep tissue vs sports massage, etc), and she let me choose which type of aromatherapy best fit my mood. With the low lighting, soft music, aromatherapy, steam towels, and relaxing pressure, I almost slept through my massage! I did ask her to work through my shoulder tightness, which she did firmly, but not too painfully. She broke up the healthy massage areas with the relaxation massage, so it wasn’t too much pressure at once. She checked the pressure with me, asked for feedback on how it was feeling, and seemed to know exactly where my problem areas were. She did a great job preparing me for the massage beforehand, as well as reviewing problem areas (like tight muscles) afterward.

 It was truly one of the best massages I have ever received. Teri has spent several years working as a massage therapist in local businesses and spas before breaking out on her own a year ago. She is very flexible with her schedule (7 days a week), and accepts no gratuity because she owns her own business. Massages are $65 for an hour, $95 for 90 minutes – and no tip! She also sells massage packages at a discount for weekly and bi-weekly massages, has gift certificates, and accepts credit card, paypal, and cash.
I enjoyed the massage so much, I bought a gift certificate for my husband, and plan to go back for birthday and holiday gifts for family and friends! I highly recommend you check out Holden Healing Massage!

By guest contributor: Caryn

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