Review of Sleepy Hollow Tree Farm in Oldham County

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 photo 2012-12-01_160501_zps6834f57e.jpg photo 2012-12-01_160437_zps2ff49eda.jpgPicking out and cutting down a Christmas tree is not something many busy families do, but when you get the chance it really is a lot of fun. My family recently went to Sleepy Hollow Tree Farm in Oldham County to pick out the perfect tree for Grandpa’s house. My kids really enjoy the process, mainly because when we find the perfect tree their job is to sit beside it and guard it while drinking hot cocoa until the man comes to cut it down. They also really enjoy being able to run from one end of the field to the other, exclaiming at each tree, “This is the PERFECT TREE!” Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Sleepy Hollow Tree Farm is located on Sleepy Hollow Golf Course on South 1694. They have been open in past years Sunday-Friday 1-6 and Saturday 10-6 during the Holiday season. 

Call (502) 963-3319 for more information. Trees cost $7-10 per foot and wreaths are also available. Click here for more info on tree farms throughout Kentucky. Also see our recent Christmas Tree Farm Directory!

 By guest contributor: Maggie

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  • I follow your posts through Feedly and as the father of two little girls I appreciate your reviews.

    I went to Sleepy Hollow for my Christmas tree this past Thursday. It was raining and 36 degrees so the weather made things challenging. I do want to point out that Sleepy Hollow is more self service than other tree farms I have visited. Once you select a tree the gentleman will cut it down, bring it to your car and place it on the roof. From there you are more or less on your own. The trees are not shaken or wrapped. Also the selection, at least as of 12/4/14, was fairly limited and most of the trees are in the 4-6ft range.

  • Great things to note, Mick. Thanks!

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