Review of Travel to the Mouse Travel Agency in Louisville, KY

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   A couple months ago, I started thinking about a last vacation for our family of 3. Having a baby due in April and a 3 year old, I wanted to make it special, and quick! A contacted Kris Billiter at Travel to the Mouse about possibilities for a Disney World trip, knowing it would have to be soon if I was going to be able to walk through all those parks! He quickly came up with many different options for us. After a few days of discussion, many asked and answered questions from Kris, and a little research on our part, we decided to go!

    Over the next few weeks, Kris helped us plan the rest of our trip. His services are completely free and I totally took advantage of his expertise! Having not gone to Disney world in 15 years and with him going multiple times a year, I knew he would be able to help us out. He answered all of our questions quickly and thoroughly.

     As I started looking through rides and options, I became completely overwhelmed. I had no idea what rides were good or appropriate for a 3 year old, how long lines would be, or how to plan our time. Kris spent many hours planning our trip, even down to the hour where needed! He gave us an itinerary with a plan for each day we were at the parks, including where to go, tips as we traveled through the park, and even places to get food. He had some amazing suggestions on snacks!

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    I don’t know how you can do wrong booking a Disney trip through Travel to the Mouse. It saves you money because he can find special deals and all of his amazing services to help plan your trip cost you nothing extra! He was a life saver for us! Check him out on Facebook at Travel to the Mouse by Kris Billiter or online at You won’t regret it!

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