Top Ten Family Date Ideas in Louisville, KY

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Top Ten Family Date Ideas

If you’re like me you can almost never find a babysitter. That means date night turns into family date night (or a day date!), so you’d better find something that will be fun for the whole family. Movies and board games at home are great, but sometimes you need to dial up the fun factor. Try out one of these great ideas for a family date together:

1. Roller skating is one of my family’s favorite go-to activities. It’s relatively inexpensive- my whole family usually gets in the door and rents skates for around $25. We typically skate for about two hours, which is also really great exercise. Here are some options around town
a. Champs Rollerdrome b. Manslick Rollerdrome  c. Skate World Preston d. Robben’s Roost Roller Skating

2. Whet Your Palette in Anchorage is a great place for the whole family. Most painting places have guided classes where everyone does the same thing, but at Whet Your Palette everyone chooses their own project and works independently. It’s also really inexpensive on half price canvas night.

3. Sporting events are great for the whole family. We love UofL Ice Hockey  because we can get rowdy and root for the Cards as a family. It’s also $6 for adults and free for 12 and under, so it’s a great value.

4. House of Boom  is another great way to have fun and burn energy as a family. If you haven’t been, you really need to go. It’s more than just trampolines!

5. Climb Nulu  is another experience that is unique to Louisville. There’s climbing for everyone so when the kids are climbing your walls at home, maybe it’s time to go to Climb Nulu and have fun doing it together.

6. Consider one of my top ten unconventional dining options such as a Japanese Steak House or Pizza King in New Albany. Kids always remember the places that have a little something extra to entertain them.

7. Bowling is a lot of fun for kids. They get to throw a big heavy ball, knock down pins, and make noise. Plus there are cheese fries. Here are a few places to bowl with your family:
a. Ten Pin Lanes  b. King Pin  c. Executive Strike and Spare  d. Fern Valley Strike and Spare e. Hoosier Strike and Spare  f. Ken Bowl/Dixie Bowl 

8. UofL has an awesome Planetarium, and they put on some really cool shows on the weekends.

9. Hiking is a year-round activity. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. So bundle up and head out to The Parklands  or Bernheim and burn off some energy!

10. Laser tag can be a lot of fun for older kids. Most places have a minimum age of 5, so I always recommend calling ahead to get the rules. Here are some laser tag places around Louisville:
a. Renaissance Fun Park b. Lazer Blaze  c. Malibu Jacks

BONUS Idea – Turnip the Beet has family classes. For $60 a pair (parent/child) and $15 each additional person, you can enjoy an evening of cooking without having to do the shopping, prep and clean-up.  They have seasonal themes for their classes. Check it out here

By guest contributor: Maggie

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