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Taryn is a blogger (More Skees Please) and lives in the same area of Kentuckiana that I do.  We have many mutual friends and people were always saying to me, “Have you met Taryn?  She’s a blogger too.”  Finally, one Sunday, Taryn came and spoke at St. Bernadette to all of the parents while our children were in their Sunday classes.  I made the connection and found her after the program to introduce myself.  I am really impressed by her drive, her passion for changing the way many people are just uncomfortable or afraid of differences with the Choose Kind Library and her work ethic.  You’ll see why……..

Tell us a little bit about your family and how long you have called the Louisville area your home:

My husband, Ricky, and I are both Bellarmine alums (’04 and ’03 respectively) and we married in May of 2005. We signed the papers for the purchase of our first home in the Hikes Point area ON our wedding day and settled in when we returned from our honeymoon. Soon after, we moved across the river to Floyds Knobs, IN (Ricky’s hometown) where we welcomed 2 baby boys just 11 months apart. His job brought about an opportunity in Austin, TX, and we ended up there from 2010-2013 where we had another baby boy. Upon moving back, I found out I was once again expecting…and once again, you guessed it, a boy! We now live in Oldham Co. and have our feet firmly planted on the ground. I feel like we have come full circle and couldn’t be more excited to call Louisville our home.

What’s the first thing your family wants to do together when the weather warms up?

With 4 high-energy boys, the cold weather doesn’t typically stop them from getting outside to play! As for me, brrr, I am patiently waiting for spring. We walked the Big 4 Bridge a couple times last year and very much look forward to doing that again as a family when the weather is nice. We also just love playing with friends in the neighborhood – the kids ride bikes, play football, play on the swingset, while the adults sit around chatting and carrying on.

It’s family game night!  What will you play and why do you all like it so much?
My son just got Battleship for his birthday, and my older two are into that at the moment. They also love playing chess with their dad. With a 4.5 year age gap between the older two and younger two boys, there aren’t many games that we ALL play together, but Eye Found It (Disney) and Pictionary Man are a few we enjoy.

Tell us about your favorite family day trip around Kentuckiana – readers might just want to go!
We took the boys to Holiday World for the first time last summer and absolutely loved it. I had been as a kid, and although there have obviously been a lot of updates, it brought me right back to the times I had gone with my family. Such a great small town amusement park – not quite as overwhelming as King’s Island but still has plenty to do for the entire family!

Mama, it’s been a long day. What do you to decompress?
I’m not gonna lie, bedtime is one of the best parts of my day. With 4 boys ranging in age from 1 to almost 8, our house is NEVER quiet (and rarely clean)…that is until they are all tucked snuggly in their beds. I typically take a deep breath, pour a large glass of wine and catch up on my favorite shows on the DVR with my husband. Depending on my level of exhaustion, sometimes I will also try to get some work done. For me, that means household tasks and sorting through the stacks paperwork on my desk, writing/blogging, and/or working on action items for my nonprofit, apertOWL. Surprisingly, feeling organized and crossing off items from my to-do list is just the thing I need to ease some tension.
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