Review of Disney’s Cinderella

I was recently given free tickets to a screening of Disney’s Cinderella for the purpose of review. 
I decided to take my four year old daughter, eight year old niece, and my mom. The movie was showing at the Carmike Stonybrook 20 Cinemas. We got our popcorn, drinks, and booster seats before heading into the theater.  The seat backs seemed very high and even my 8 year old niece had trouble seeing over them. I ended up holding my daughter through most of the movie because she was still having difficulty seeing. 

Before the movie started we got to watch a seven minute sequel to the ever popular Frozen movie. This one was called Frozen Fever, and had the same cast from the original Frozen movie. It followed Elsa as she prepared for Anna’s birthday party. It was cute and funny, and definitely had the little girls (and boys) excited! 

The Cinderella movie was a great reenactment of the original Disney movie released in 1950. The story follows Ella as her father dies and leaves her to deal with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, Drizella and Anastasia. If you’ve ever seen the older version of Cinderella then you won’t be too surprised with the events of the new movie, though there are some differences. I thought the storyline, acting, and music was all very good. I really enjoyed it, as did everyone that went with me. The movie kept my four year old daughter’s attention the entire time, and she is already asking to go see it again!
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