Review of Arcade and Laser Tag at Renaissance Fun Park in Middletown (Louisville)


LouFamFun writers were granted admission for the purpose of review.

 photo unnamed_zpsguh6f4n6.jpgOn recent Friday night, a group of LouFamFun writers met with our children to participate in laser tag and games at Renaissance Fun Park. We asked each writer to share their favorite part about their experience and provide tips for families who may be considering going.

Maggie- My youngest went in to laser tag apprehensive but he quickly realized how fun it was and ended up having a blast. Seeing how much fun my kids had was my favorite part. It’s really hard to hear the announcements and I wish there were lockers to put purses and coats, so you will want to leave valuables at home and make sure you pay close attention to start times. Overall it’s a great time!

Caryn- This was our 1st time ever to Renaissance Fun Park. It wasn’t that crowded considering it was Friday night. I loved that they were going around with free samples, and that all the “tickets” loaded right onto the card – no need to hold them or risk losing them. I wish there were more tables to sit at inside – we couldn’t have sat down to eat dinner if we had wanted to…but they did have a great selection of snacks, a (free) water fountain, clean bathrooms, the games appeared to all be in working order, and I saw them quickly mop up a spill. Overall it seemed very clean inside the whole place. I’d be interested to see what kind of crowd is there on a non-weekend night. And I love all the deals they run on different nights. We’ll definitely try it another day of the week sometime.

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Stephanie- I was shocked at how clean the bathroom was, seriously, with lots of kids there…. pretty darn clean! Favorite part: Laser tag and genuine shock and giggles from everyone while we played. Tips: Don’t bring a lot of stuff, just what can fit in your pocket so you can have hands free of everything and check out the weeknight deals. Looking forward to trying it when we can go inside and outside and spread out.

 photo f2f213f7-4236-4ea6-b02c-caa695709327_zpsrie9jrnh.jpgAllison- Overall my son and I enjoyed the laser tag, he did mention that he would have felt very nervous had we gotten split up during the game. It was a fun night and $5 was actually plenty of money for the arcade games assuming that your kid doesn’t get sucked in by the machine that has the iPad in it that you can win. LOL! Even if you went for a quick $5 date with your kiddo to celebrate a good report card it is affordable. Tip: With smaller kids try it out during the week. The bigger kids were overwhelming to my kiddo and myself.

Karen– Kids AND (us) adults love the laser tag! I think for someone’s first time, try (Renaissance), if possible, on a weekday evening.

Nicolle- Our favorite part was team laser tag! I can see us going back as a family and playing against each other. I agree that the announcements were hard to hear. Some of the team play instructions were lost between the excitement and chaos (Ex: how to reload, where to get extra points). My son did comment that he asked an employee for help with his phaser and was happy he could easily find the employee in the arena. I wish the laser tag line was little more organized to help decrease the amount of little line jumpers.

     photo unnamed-3_zpsdirdl2uh.jpgBrandy- My kids and I had a blast with the laser tag! Before arriving, we were concerned that the gear might be too heavy for my 6 yr old, who is under 40 lbs. However, she was able wear the vest and and shoot the phaser with no problem. My family preferred the individual laser tag over the team laser tag. The recharging was a hassle and slowed down play. I could see it being exciting for older kids or party groups. We also enjoyed playing the games, and I was pleased to see the games token/ticket system has been updated to a card system. Tip: If visiting on a weekend, and you prefer to sit down during meals, I would recommend eating before visiting. There aren’t many tables for eating inside.

    In addition to arcade games and laser tag, Renaissance Fun Park offers mini golf and go carts. There is a full snack bar on site. Renaissance also offers three different birthday party packages. They often offer discounts throughout the year, so be sure to check the Specials tab on their website before planning your visit.

    By Guest Contributor: Brandy 

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