Review of Louisville City FC Soccer Games at Slugger Field


My son is now 8 and isn’t as interested in having big birthday parties – no complaints here.  So, this year, I asked him what he would like to do to celebrate. I gave him some ideas like an overnight water park hotel, a day exploring a new park, a museum or maybe tickets to see the new professional soccer team.  The minute I mentioned the soccer game, his decision was made!

I purchased tickets online at You can get tickets for as low as $15 – I used code BBBS2015 to save some money (getting tickets at as low as $12) and help Big Brothers Big Sisters – the team is making donations for every use of the code.  Ticket price is determined by seat location.  Since it was my son’s birthday, we went for tickets close to the middle of the field.  We went to a Thursday game that started at 7:30pm – games are 90 minutes and with half-time, we were out of the park by 9:30pm.  Parking was $5 right at Slugger Field and it was easy in and out.

The game was moderately crowded – enough fans to make it really fun but not too much to cause problems with parking, traffic or lines.  When we arrived, the Louisville Coopers (the official group of supporters) were walking into the stadium singing and holding their banner.  They sang all through the stadium as they went to their seats.  The kids really got a kick out of that.   Like all sporting events, the match opened with some processions of players and the National Anthem.

Once the game began, the fans became really vocal and engaged. More so than baseball, which is fun but moves at a pretty slow pace in my opinion, the soccer game was all action and the crowd never really settled – the game flew by.  Everyone yelled to declare when they thought a foul occurred or screamed as the ball just missed the goal.  We were up and down out of our seats and, of course, the most excitement took place when Louisville City FC scored and the crowd jumped up, roared and the purple smoke erupted from the fan zone behind the goal.

Everything was moderately priced with popcorn for $4 and snow cones for around the same price.  Our evening was blessed with an amazing sunset over the Louisville skyline and pleasant weather.  It was our favorite sporting event in Louisville- that we attended as a family – seriously- and we will definitely be back.

Louisville City FC gained 4 new fans that night.


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