“Sleeping Beauty” at Derby Dinner Playhouse- A Lunch Date with my Child


 photo sleeping_beauty_zpsc4xfnyqt.jpgMy daughter and I had the pleasure of attending the opening day lunchtime showing of Sleeping Beauty at Derby Dinner Playhouse. This our first time visiting Derby Dinner Playhouse and we were both excited for a mother-daughter date while the “boys” did their own thing.

Anticipating we might encounter traffic with construction, we timed our arrival close to the time that the doors opened. Thankfully, we didn’t experience any problems or delays. Upon arriving, we were promptly seated at a table with a little girl the exact same age as my daughter (perfect!). A server stopped by to take our drink orders. The ticket price includes multiple beverage options. The lunch is buffet-style and includes kid-friendly items. A complete menu can be found here. Dessert is also offered for a small charge, and we decided to order some after seeing several servers walking by with trays containing sundaes, cookies and cake. Who could resist?

 photo IMG_2733_zpsf3ndvkme.jpgThe play began promptly at 1:15. My daughter and I have both seen the animated version of Sleeping Beauty many times, so we are familiar with the storyline. We quickly realized that the Derby Dinner Playhouse adaptation was different. Even some of the characters were different. However, it still told the overall story of a cursed sleeping princess and the spell-breaking power of a kiss. The parts in between were humorous and included some audience participation, which was fun. My daughter thought Prince Charming was especially funny! Her favorite part was when he found a pair of fairy wings. You’ll have to check out the play to learn exactly what happened there!

 photo IMG_2737_zpsey6t41of.jpgWe saw many young children at the play and it seemed to hold their attention. Several little girls were dressed up, but we also saw many in jeans too, so it’s not mandatory. Derby Dinner Playhouse has gift shop, and there was a table out front with eye-catching toys. Most were inexpensive, but I always like to be aware of those things so I can lay out the ground rules with my child in advance.

Sleeping Beauty is showing on Saturdays through 6/13/15. Doors open at 9 a.m. for the breakfast show and at noon for the lunch show. For more reservations and information visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse website.

By Guest Contributor: Brandy

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