Review of Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”


We had the opportunity to “sneak preview” the new movie Inside Out.   See the trailer here.

This movies is an adorable depiction of people’s emotions and how in life’s ups and downs, emotions are all important.  Riley is a “tween” that’s going through a major life change and she has a hard time dealing with it.  Her emotions inside her head don’t want her to ever be sad but thing go a muck and she loses her ability to be happy or sad – she’s just, emotionless.   Her emotions are so obsessed with keeping her happy that they don’t realize that it’s ok to be sad and that they can balance each other out to get their Riley back!

The movie was quite funny – with some laugh-out loud moments just for parents (like flashing back to the time when we had to actually remember phone numbers) so it’s great for the entire family.

My kids agreed that the anger emotion character was the funniest – guess you can’t beat a character who bursts into flames.  After the movies, they went back and forth talking about their favorite parts of the movie and one-upping each other with quotes they could remember. I’d say that’s a good sign!  We saw the movie in 3-D and it was subtle, nothing crazy with the 3-D so I think this would be a good first 3-D movie if anyone in your family hasn’t seen one!


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