6 Hidden Gems in Louisville, KY

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There’s never a shortage of things to do in Louisville, and new things are opening up all the time. But there are a few tried-and-true places around town that don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s time to get out there and rediscover these 6 hidden gems in Louisville with your family!

1. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of picnicking and feeding the birds at Cave Hill Cemetery. While picnicking is no longer allowed there, you can still take your kids exploring. Search for the cave (hint: it’s near the lake), check out Colonel Harlan Sanders’ resting place, and enjoy the beautiful specimen trees and plants of the arboretum.

2. The Crescent Hill Reservoir has been a place for Louisvillians to walk and enjoy the scenery since it was built in 1879. In the summertime the historic Gate House is sometimes open as well, giving visitors a look at the massive machines that move our prize-winning drinking water from one place to another. It sounds boring, but my kids actually beg to go there!

3. Shakespeare in the Park combines two of my favorite pastimes- Shakespeare and Frederick Law Olmstead Parks- into one unique Louisville experience. Plays are always free, though donations are encouraged to keep this awesome event free and open to the public.

4. The first time I visited The Portland Museum, I was surprised I had not known about it sooner. Portland is an important part of the history of Louisville. Up until the Army Corps of Engineers built the McAlpine Locks and Dam and dredged the river to make it deeper and wider, boats had to stop at the Louisville Wharf and unload their goods, either shooting the falls or portaging their goods and boats around The Falls of the Ohio. There’s a lot to learn about this historic neighborhood.

5. Schimpff’s Confectionary in Jeffersonville has been around since 1891- they’re about to celebrate their 124th birthday! But it’s more than just a traditional, family-owned candy store- there’s also a candy museum! Watch your kids’ eyes light up when you tell them you’re going to a candy museum!

6. There are also a few unique places around town your kids will enjoy dining. Dairy Kastle on Eastern Parkway, Ollie’s Trolley on South 3rd Street, and Dizzy Whiz on St. Catherine are Old Louisville institutions. Most of these places are cash only, so prepare for that ahead of time. Your kids will always remember these old-school burger and ice cream dives!
By Guest Contributor: Maggie
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