Review of House of Boom in Middletown

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House of Boom invited our team of writers to check out their new facility with our families.  We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST.  For me, the highlight was seeing all of the dads get really into it.  I don’t know about your family, but I’m more of the “let’s go somewhere and have fun” parents and my husband is the “let’s stay home and chill” parent. So, to see him really having a great time with the kids was something special.  I can’t jump because of knee issues but I loved that the area was so easy to walk around, hang out and feel like I was right there with them and involved.  They even had cozy couches all over for taking a break or moms like me that couldn’t jump but wanted to be up close!

I asked the writers to tell me:
1) Kids ages and reaction to House of Boom
2) Favorite area of House of Boom
3) Tips for visiting House of Boom
4) Will you be back?

Here are their answers:

Maggie: 1) My kids are 6 and 8, and my husband is a big kid. 2) We love the obstacle course area and the trapeze bar. My kids especially loved the ropes swinging into the foam block pit! There’s nothing like it! I like that there are lots of things to do for all fitness levels and abilities. 3)Don’t bring your SkyZone socks because they won’t let you use them. You either have to go barefoot or buy their socks. 4) Absolutely! My kids haven’t stopped talking about the trapeze for days to anyone who will listen, and my husband always loves a new fitness challenge!

Jeanette: 1) 7,5,2 Reactions: An hour was too short to jump!!! 2) My favorite area was trapeze bar, 7yo-dodgeball, 5yo- ramp to jump in foam pit , 2yo- any open trampoline 3) With young kids, try to go when less people are likely to be there 4) Yes!

Allison: 1) 4, 6: They both adore the house of boom
2) My kids loved the trampoline into the foam pit, I love that they have a separate little kids jump area (6 and under) so if we go and it is over run with bigger kids we can have a calmer area.
3) Go early in the day so that it won’t be as crowded.
4) we already have!

Erin 1) 12, 3 1/2(almost 4) They both really loved it. 12 yo said she liked it better than SkyZone-oops did we say that? smile emoticon ~4yo loved just open space to run and jump (even though he wasn’t supposed to be running! Oh as a parent I liked how open it was, more open feel no real places where kids are hidden out of view, I appreciated that. And I liked that there is a toddler area for 6 and under. 2) 12yo’s favorite area ramp to jump into foam pit and the area that has the trampolines running up wall ramp sort of 4yo any open trampoline 3) Take little ones to their KidJump – much more crowded would be too much for my 4yo – I will note he got hurt while there (stepped on by an adult) and the staff was VERY helpful, made sure he was ok, brought ice, etc. and he went back to jump 4) Yes!

Kelly: 1. 4 and 7. They both loved House of Boom and were super excited to try everything out. 2. My 7 year old loved the dodge ball and 4 year old couldn’t decide between dodge ball and the trapeze. Myself: I loved that it was open so I could see my kids just about anywhere they were and I could jump for exercise while they played. I also liked that I could attempt the obstacles as well. 3. Go during the week so it isn’t so crowded. Take pictures and videos because my kids loved getting to watch what they did! 4. My boys were ready to go back the next day so we will definitely go back.

Brandy: 1) 9 & 6. Both said it was awesome! Husband had an absolute blast! I loved that there was good visibility and a variety of activities. We all liked the rubber wrist bands as opposed to the type you have to cut off.
2) Both kids loved the trapeze and the other foam pit area. Husband loved the dodgeball.
3) Not sure if I can or should say this, but there is a general consensus that it’s a good idea to empty your bladder prior to jumping (especially for moms).
4) Definitely! It is something our whole family can enjoy.

Caryn: 1) Almost 9 and 6
2) “All of it!” Both kids really liked the obstacle courses over the foam pits.
3) Leave your purse in the car, wear a fanny pack, or big pockets that close for your keys/money, or bring a lock for the lockers
4) We will definitely go back!

Nicolle: 1) 3 & 7 My 7 yo immediately said, “Wow! This is going to be awesome!”
2) 3 yo loved sliding down the trampoline wall and just jumping.
7 yo liked the swing and dodgeball area.
I liked the open concept of the facility. The upstairs viewing area and couches placed around the trampolines were nice too. I also liked that we didn’t HAVE to purchase jump socks or special shoes. There are a lot more areas for parents to enjoy along with their children.
3) Take little ones during less busy times. Although it wasn’t too crowded during our jump time, there were times my unaware 3 yo ventured in the way of older jumpers. The 6 and under area is nice, but my 3 yo wanted to be on the big floor.
4) Definitely plan to go back on Monday’s family night for the $35/family/hr night!

Tami: 4 and 6- they LOVED IT!!! My 4yo said we should build a Hosue of Boom in our basement! My 6yosaid that it was more fun than Kazoing (which is hard to do!) and we should go back TOMORROW.

My 6yo liked the 6 and under area- she liked sliding down the slopes trampoline I think she also liked it because there was hardly anyone there and she could have her space. My 4yo liked the jump platforms on the top level.

Tips -Don’t bring a big bag with you. I had my huge purse and no where to put it. Bring a water bottle. Yes! We’ll be back

Kimberly: 4 and 2 and they both loved it! They didn’t want to leave when our time was up! My 4 year old loved the obstacle courses. My 2 year old just loved jumping across the room from one trampoline to the next. I really loved the area for kids 6 and under. We didn’t stay in that area too long, but it is a nice option to have if it did start to get really busy. I also liked how there were seats throughout to rest and just sit back and watch the kids jump. We will definitely be back- soon!

Karen: Ages 8 & 5
BOTH looooved it! Fav area of my 8yr old boy was definitely the dodgeball “room”. I’m not sure if he left for more than 5-min maybe once or twice. Great area to team up with your dad/mom …
My 5yr old daughter really liked the obstacles area, even though she was much too small to do several of them (arm/leg span), but still tried all and had fun regardless of being able to accomplish them.
We all really liked it, and Will definitely be back (soon) especially so dad can take part of

Don’t bring bags/purses in with you.

As you can see, it was a hit…, when will you be heading to House of Boom


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