Review of Little Scholar Learning Tablet available at Meijer


We received this item for purpose of review. 

I have been looking for an affordable tablet for my youngest child that would provide some educational entertainment while satisfying her love of technology but that would keep her away from them temptation of YouTube.  I mean, even I get sucked into watching funny YouTube videos.  Plus, I wanted something slightly smaller than our iPad that would be really good for our summer trips and long days at the soccer field watching her brother.  So, given the opportunity, I definitely wanted to check out the Little Scholar Learning Tablet. It’s available at your local Meijer. It retails at $169.99 which I feel is quite reasonable considering the value of each game AND the tablet.

The tablet came with a case, charger and a rubber protective cover.  My daughter (6) was immediately drawn to it and quickly got the hang of it.

There’s a dog character (Charlie) that appears thematically throughout the games on the tablet and since she loves animals, she loves him.  This character makes the tablet and its games different from our iPad because the games aren’t all independent – there’s some connectivity between the games.  Here’s Charlie’s YouTube playlist so you can see a sample of the videos.

Another feature that I really like is that there’s no WiFi needed.  My daughter can play anything on the tablet, anywhere.  Unlike other devices and games that require WiFi for some activities, this tablet is set and ready to go.   She hasn’t begged to download more games or complained that there’s no WiFi in the car!  It is loaded with 150+ games, songs, videos, books – she hasn’t even begun to tap into them all.

However, there are parental controls that you can access to switch things up IF YOU WANT to! There’s a password-protected parent section – you can change the device setting for accessing WiFi, and there’s a custom app store, if you want additional downloads.  My daughter doesn’t event know this exists!  You can also customize which apps, music, and e-books are active on the tablet to fit your child’s needs to focus on specific skills or their age-appropriate activities.

In terms of use, it is a really nice size – not too small that they are squinting (like on a smartphone) but not bulky that it’s awkward to carry around.  With the carrying case, she can be responsible for it with ease. Also, it maintains a charge for a long time and smudges clean off nicely.  All around, it’s a great little device for under $200.  We’ve had this tablet for about a month so there’s even more we need to explore on it.  If you are looking to get your child something of their own, this is a great option.  Head into Meijer (not available online via Meijer) and get your hands on it so you can see what I am talking about!


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