Happy Places: Favorite Family Game to Play Together

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I asked the LouFamFun writers: What is your favorite game to play together as a family?

With some colder months, we thought you might need some ideas!

Also – there are great fun/educational games at The Parent-Teacher Store & Toys too!

Stephanie Monopoly

NicolleX-Box 360. Usually Wipeout or Fruit Ninja. 

Jeanette Wits and Wagers (Family Edition)

Kelly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Battle Game (Card Game)

Caryn Curious George Hide and Seek at the Zoo

Karen Qwirkle & Rummikub

Kimberly Candyland and puzzles

Lauren Hide & Seek (no supplies necessary!!)

BrandyDepends on who you ask at our house! Sorry, Hold Your Horses and Moose in the House are popular right now.

Maggie Monopoly because somehow my five year old always wins.

Erin Headbandz, Blurt, or Bubble Talk

Tami Zingo or Spuzzle

Allison Checkers or Where is Sock Monkey?

By Guest Contributor: Brandy 

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