Review of Glass Blowing at Hyland Glass


 photo Hyland Pumpkins_zpssyj5yoe0.jpgWe’ve been visiting the hot shops of Louisville since my oldest son was barely walking. Together we’ve blown many Christmas ornaments and decorations over the years, to the point where our sad little artificial Christmas tree required a sturdier base to carry all the weight. Last Christmas we branched out to Christmas trees and snowmen instead of ornaments, but we decided after schlepping the heavy bins up to the attic we had enough Christmas glass. It was time to branch out to glass blowing for other Holidays.

So when I saw all the adorable glass pumpkins at the St. James Art Fair recently, I decided it was time to try our hand at those. We ended up at Hyland Glass on Washington Street in Butchertown, a newer shop we hadn’t yet visited. They offer multiple different blow your own opportunities throughout the year, so you are likely to be able to book a session any time you’d like.

 photo Hyland Collage_zpshszbktul.jpgWe arrived at our appointment early, so we watched the ladies ahead of us work on their pumpkins. This is one of the few times other than when they are playing video games that my kids are completely engrossed in what they are watching, so that alone makes it worth the $60 per kid. The artists were great with my kids and went out of their way to explain the process using kid-friendly language. My kids wanted pumpkins that were outside the typical color spectrum, and they were very accommodating of that.

The process for both kids took about 45 minutes. When you blow glass it has to cool slowly in a 900 degree kiln, so plan to pick your creation up a few days after you make it. We will probably be back in the spring for something else to add to our glass collection, such as a flower or Easter Egg.

By Guest Contributor: Maggie
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