Review of the Cottage Inn in Louisville, KY


My husband and I rarely get a date night anymore together, so we opt for lunch dates instead! A few months ago we tried a place that has been in Louisville for a while, but one we had not been to before. We had an early lunch at Cottage Inn on Eastern Parkway across from the famed ice cream place, Dairy Kastle. Our lunch date was superb, and the food was downright delicious and full of southern flair.

 photo 10553430_10152544382323905_8896038961195631197_n_zpswvha6vp9.jpgI tried the fried chicken tender salad for $8.99. My husband opted for the daily lunch special which was hot roast beef with two sides. He had green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy. It was $7.99, and both meals were scrumptious! I thought for the amount of food that the prices were great, and the atmosphere inside Cottage Inn is just as simple, sweet, cozy and quaint as you can imagine. This restaurant has been serving up their southern dishes with just as much southern hospitality since 1929! They do have huge selections of delectable desserts, some of which are the only thing that some people come in for! The long counter at the front of the restaurant is topped with huge glass serving dishes of pies and cakes, and although we didn’t try dessert that day because we were so full, we took note of them for next time!

They do get pretty busy at lunch time, and they do have limited seating space, so arriving at the earlier start of lunch rush hour is recommended. If the inside is small looking, take a look at the tiny parking lot. But don’t let it fool you, you can find parking a little further down on the street. It is, affectionately speaking, a “hole-in-the-wall” kind of place, but is clean and very charming. I personally love these kinds of places; they are what make our culinary city so unique and thriving.

Cottage Inn is located at 570 Eastern Parkway. Call 502-637-4325 with any questions and for the lunch hours (starting at 10:45am I believe).

By guest contributor: Erin
photo courtesy of Cottage Inn, Facebook

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