Review of Movie Experience at Xscape Theater in Louisville, KY

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 photo 20151018_120256-1_zps1vqvnt5b.jpgMy husband and I recently had a great date night at the new Xscape Theater off Blankenbaker. It was a little pricier than some of the alternatives, but it had some perks.

Of course, everything at Xscape looked new and clean. The large popcorn and large drinks come with a free refill for that day. Yum! Best of all, the seats were fully reclining with electric controls. All of the theaters seemed to have less than 100 seats each despite there usual theater size, because the reclining seats are so large, and the aisles so wide between each row. One of the couples with us stated they enjoy going to Xscape for the comfort, however, if the movie is slow, you risk falling asleep because they are so comfortable. The only thing negative we experienced was the small size of the bathrooms, which created a long line when the movie let out.

 photo 20151018_120608_zpsanvi91rd.jpgAt the time of this article, this was the ticket price comparison (no Imax or 3D):

$7 matinee ticket (vs $5.90 Tinseltown, $6.15 St Matthews Mall, and $7 at Stonybrook)

$10 regular ticket (vs $9.40 Tinseltown, $9.40 St Matthews Mall, and $10.87 at Stonybrook)

By Guest Contributor: Caryn
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  • Also handicap "unfriendly". My son broke his toes and was in a wheelchair, so we went for the recliners. It was then I realized there is not a handicap door button to automatically open the main doors nor a button to call for help. Also while the sinks in bathroom are structured for wheelchair access, there is no way for them to reach the soap dispenser. I informed mgmt which told me to complain to corporate office via website because they don't listen to them. This experience was eye opening for me. They really need to improve access for all at this theater.

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