Review of Soap Making Class at The Little Loomhouse


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A friend and I decided to try out a soap making class at The Little Loomhouse recently and had a really fun evening. Neither of us was really sure what we were getting ourselves into so we were a little apprehensive of what was to come. Mona (our teacher) was very experienced and all of the supplies that were needed were provided with the price of the class. The class was small, which was good, since some of the steps to making soap is a little dangerous (science is cool!). Mona guided us through all the steps including measuring out lye and oils, melting all the oils needed, and helping us pick the essential oils that we wanted.

 photo IMG_2114_zpsontzsemo.jpg After lots of stirring by hand and with an immersion blender, we poured our soaps into a rain gutter molds and let it sit for a week. We met back the following week and split all the scented soaps between us. Rosemary mint, orange, spice, and lavender were a few that we made. Because all were hand made by different people they all had their own unique character and will make excellent Christmas gifts (unless I keep them for myself!). Mona also provided us with the recipe she used if we wanted to try it at home.

The Little Loomhouse offers various classes throughout the year including Introduction to Basket Weaving, Weaving Basic Classes, various Field Trips, and Introduction to Spinning. I was also told that they will probably do another soap making class in the spring. Find more information on their website or Facebook page! The Little Loomhouse is located at 328 Kenwood Hill Road.

By Guest Contributor: Kelly
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