Best Music Classes in Louisville for Moms and Babies


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Your baby’s ears are wide open!

 photo hmt march post2_zps7pyrh1ge.jpgYour baby started listening to your voice at even before birth! If you sing while you’re pregnant, your baby will have favorite songs even before birth.

Babies learn music the same way they learn language, and on the same schedule. The sooner you sing to your baby, the sooner your child will develop his or her own music skills.
Music is good for babies and young children 

Lullabies can literally change your baby’s body chemistry for the better! When you sing, your child’s body produces endorphins that help soothe him or her to sleep.

Music is a natural tantrum buster! Children who are exposed to regular music making when young are better at managing their emotions to stay calm in difficult situations.

Music is good for you!

 photo hmt march post_zpsejuk9dsb.jpgWhen you sing, your body releases anti-stress hormones to help you feel better and sleep better. Lullabies are good for you too, not just for your baby!

Join a Music Together class, and you’ll get songs to sing, play ideas, recordings, and more parent resources with every class. We’ll show you ways to interact and play with your baby, and we’ll help you understand and recognize your baby’s musical development.

Spring classes have started and there’s room for you. 
 photo hmtLOGOFINALcompressedforweb_zpsb27f79f6.jpgRegister now, and join the fun!

• Babies only classes (0-8 months)
• Mixed-age classes (0-4 years)
• Class locations all around the city. There’s one near you!
(502) 491-3131

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