Introduction to Revolution Devo Cycling – A new bicycling team for kids in Louisville, KY

 photo IMG_4662_zpsorc76taq.jpgGetting kids on bikes- a happy place for me! 
I am a major advocate for bike riding, any and all forms of it, and believe getting a kid on a bicycle can be one of the best things ever. 
As a child, one of my favorite things was riding my bike. When I got in trouble that was the first thing my parents took away from me. I did all my chores, plus a few of my sisters, to get my bike riding privileges back. When I heard about Revolution Devo Cycling, it brought a big smile to my face and made me wish there was something like this in my childhood. 
Revo Devo is a new cycling program in Louisville for kids that teaches them how to race their bicycle and have fun. It was founded by families that love to race bikes and wanted to share what they new with the next generation and get more kids (and parents) involved in the wonderful world of cycling. 
To get involved kids need to be able to ride a two-wheel bike and have a positive attitude about riding. The Revo Devo team will work with the child to put them in an appropriate skill level.  Kids will learn the basics of riding, racing and how to have fun while doing it all.  The cost to join Revo Devo is minimal and covers the cost of a team jersey and shorts. Revo Devo holds weekly practices that cover all different cycling disciplines such as mountain bike, road riding, and cyclocross, depending on the season. They also focus on other aspects of riding, such as, what to do when you drop your chain, get a flat tire, or how to get back up when you fall. 
 photo IMG_4661_zpsiswuikzz.jpgThis team prides themselves on giving kids the skills they need to grow into the racing world and feel confident in their skills. One thing they are doing to help foster a positive, fun environment is a mentoring program. Kids are paired up with adults that race, both male and female, to be able to ask them questions, hear about their experience, and know they have someone to talk to about what they might be experiencing. 

You can see all the fun that is Revolution Devo Cycling by going to the webpageFacebook, Instagram and Twitter. To find out how to get your kid(s) involved you can contact Michael Seiler at 

As a person the loves the joy of riding and wants others to share that love, this is a perfect opportunity to get the kids started off in the right program with people that truly love the sport of cycling and understand what it takes to have fun and learn. 
By Guest Contributor: Christine 
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