Review of Main Event – new entertainment center in Louisville

Main Event hosted our staff and guests for a fun night of bowling, games and food so we could report back to you on our experience.  We had some mock birthday parties that involved bowling, pizza, video games, laser tag and the ropes course.

Main Event is a Texas-based company that recently opened a venue off of I64 at Blankenbaker Parkway in Louisville.  It is a one-stop place for not only families, but anyone looking for a variety of fun options.  They have an extensive menu, full bar, tabletop game area, meeting area capacity and all of the fun entertainment mentioned above for the parties.  You can plan a special event there or you can pop in for a few hours of activities.  They have LOTs of televisions so it’s also a good place to eat and catch a sports game.

Here’s what our writers had to say about the parties:

Overview: Each party consisted of 10 children and we had two party hosts staffing the events. The party hosts take care of whatever you need. The kids bowled for about 45 minutes, then ate and then went on to do another activity decided on by the parent throwing the party – either arcade games, laser tag or ropes course. The birthday child goes home with a bowling pin that is passed around for everyone to sign!

 photo IMG_0461_zpshjcuwxbk.jpgThe staff were very friendly and attentive. We loved the kids’ blacklight bowling- it was much faster paced than an adult game so the kids never got bored. This would be a great place for families with any age of kids for any occasion. There’s so much to do! We can’t wait to go back.

Loved how attentive the hostesses were for our party! I felt very taken care of enjoyed the delicious food! They were so attentive to our every need! The kids and adults had a blast!

The kids really liked the bowling and being able to make monsters/shoot arrows when they bowled using their score. As parents, we enjoyed being able to watch a basketball game on the big screens at the end of the bowling lanes. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the food was yummy! We all enjoyed the arcade and the big variety that was offered there.

Loved how will the hostesses took care of us. They were always asking if we needed anything and checking on the adults as well as the kids. The Rollercoaster in the arcade was a HUGE hit!

If I had any suggestions, it would be to have shoes for kids smaller than a size 9. My daughter struggled to walk in her shoes and she’s 5 years old.

The kids were entranced by the animation that coordinated with the bowling. I liked that the bowing seating area included tables. Very handy for drinks or snacks! The kids enjoyed the pizza and I appreciated that the party tables had sturdy chairs instead of bench seating. It’s more comfortable and safer for young children. The arcade is huge and really fun too! We had fun in the laser tag area, however, I would suggest that the employees explain how to operate the laser guns before players enter. There was some confusion about how they work.

The black light bowling is very kid and family friendly! There’s enough space for everyone, the score graphics were interactive and the game is fast-paced! Each hostess was attentive to the children and adults. The bowling hostess helped keep the kids bowling in order and the other helped with drinks.

My family loved the arcade. The huge variety allowed each of us to find something fun to enjoy.

We loved how kid friendly the bowling way…faster paced with one bowl per person each turn, great score visuals for the little ones, the giant dinosaur to help them bowl, and more! The hosts were super friendly and very attentive. They even helped the kids bowl! The arcade was very fun as well. Loved this place, and can’t wait to go back!

The hostesses for the party were so attentive! I like how they got the dinosaur ramp ready for my four year old every time he was ready to bowl. Loved the range of appropriate things to do for all ages. With a preschooler and two tweens in tow, it was the number one thing I noticed. Will definitely be back! Tip for non-party visits: People to sign up for their spot for bowling, laser tag and ropes course as you arrive. Especially on their really busy deal days or a school break week!

 photo IMG_0459_zpsh8uqoshl.jpgStephanie:
We had the opportunity to sample items from the menu and this is not your typical entertainment center food, it was very good.  The HUGE pretzel with dipping sauces was my favorite – they make them from homemade fresh dough daily.  The pizza was also tasty and there was a hummus appetizer that was another hit item.  For the parties, I liked that they let you bring in the dessert.  With such a big menu, I didn’t know if they would do that so it’s a nice option.

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