What’s new at The Louisville Zoo for Spring/Summer 2016?


 photo 13173150_10101933923029924_479968128520351244_o_zpsnefzpoix.jpgWhen my first child was born, one of his first outings was a visit to The Louisville Zoo. We have been zoo members ever since and we’ve spent countless hours walking around, observing the animals and enjoying the grounds. Over the last decade, we’ve watched The Louisville Zoo grow and add additional features and exhibits. This year, there is even more excitement in store for zoo visitors!

If you haven’t been to the zoo in a while, you are in for a fun treat! Some remodeling has taken place, and the zoo is now offering camel rides at an additional cost of $6 for guests or $5 for members. Tickets may be purchased at the admission windows, train and tram station or at the camel area.

You have likely heard about the premature baby gorilla born at the Louisville Zoo in March. This sweet girl, named Kindi, is growing and thriving thanks to the diligent work of the zoo keepers. The public may now see Kindi in Gorilla Forest during limited hours, noon – 4 pm, Thursday – Sunday. According to the zoo website, she will be presented with her attending keeper in a sectioned off area of the indoor sanctuary. Viewing times are subject to change as needed.

On May 14, The Louisville Zoo will unveil it’s newest exhibit, Penguin Cove. Penguin Cove will feature “Little” Penguins which are the smallest of all penguins species. Little Penguins are only about a foot tall and weigh around two pounds. Colonies of Little Penguins are found on southern coast of Australia, the island of Tasmania, and the coastline of New Zealand. We can’t wait to see them!

Last but not least, starting May 21, the Louisville Zoo will begin offering 3 – 4 free-flight bird shows per day. The new show, called Wings of the World, will feature an array of birds which may include condors, eagles, cassowaries, singing parrots, cranes, and more! The show, created by Joe Krathwohl, “The Birdman,” will include information about animal behaviors and conservation messages. The show will be free with zoo admission.

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The Louisville Zoo is open year round, except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day. On rare occasions, the Zoo closes for inclement weather, but they always post any changes on Facebook.

Special Zoo Offer: Free admission for moms on Mother’s Day! 

By Guest Contributor: Brandy 
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