Day Trips within 100 Miles of Louisville


Since the inception of this website, I have always said that one of Louisville’s greatest attractions is not here. It is the fact that Louisville is so close to so many amazing places making living here so wonderful. No, we don’t advocate leaving every single weekend but let’s be honest – people love getting away and you can’t always be jet-setting off on a fancy vacation.  So, the affordability of day-trip travel is wonderful. It’s a perfect way to feel like you’ve done some special exploring without the burden of a big credit card bill.

Tune in as Dan & I discuss Day Trips within 100 Miles of Louisville. 

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Stephanie White and Dan Vonderheide talk about the wonders of parenthood, marriage, getting older, and all of the good (and bad) things that come along in middle age. Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s a fun and energetic show for all (grown up) ages! 


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