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Step One Dance School is located in All About Kids Sports Center. They have locations off of Blankenbaker Parkway in Louisville as well as a location in Crestwood Station in Oldham County.

Step One Dance offers classes for ages 2 & up. From Ballet to Tap, Jazz to Hip Hop, and Dance/Gymnastics combo classes, they have it all!

Preschool Classes

The youngest students start by learning basic Ballet and exploring dance through creative movement. As their coordination improves, instructors add in Tap! Each class consists of warm-up, stretching, basic barre exercises, traveling across the floor, creative movement activities, props, and freeze dance. They offer preschool classes for Ballet, Ballet/Tap Combo, Ballet/Gymnastics Combo and even a Tiny Hip Hop Class!


  • Tiny Tots (2-3 years old with a Parent) Ballet and Creative Movement
  • Lil Dancers 1 (3 years old) Ballet and Creative Movement
  • Lil Dancers 2 (4 years old) Ballet, Creative Movement and Tap
  • Lil Dancers 3 (5-6 years old) Ballet and Tap
  • Tiny Hip Hop (4-6 years old) Jazz and Hip Hop

Beginner Classes

For students that are 6 years old and older who are new to dance, there are several different classes to offer. In the Jazz/Tap class, students get to learn the basics of Jazz as well as an intro to Tap. The Hip Hop Classes focus on fun choreography and strength training to help them work on tricks. They also offer Ballet where students can learn correct technique and begin to strength their bodies in the hope of preparing for Pointe Shoes one day!


  • Jazz/Tap (6 & up) Jazz and Tap Technique
  • Ballet Level 1 (6 & up) Classical Ballet
  • Hip Hop (7 & up) Hip Hop

Intermediate/Advanced Classes

 photo AAK_Dance_09_zpsdtcag5ua.jpgStudents that have graduated preschool classes or achieved their skills from their beginner class move into Intermediate and Advanced Level classes. These classes continue to study ballet and tap while also being introduced to Jazz, Modern/Contemporary and Broadway styles. Advanced students also have the option of auditioning for local performances and competing at local dance competitions.


  • Intermediate Level 1 (5-7) Ballet and Tap
  • Intermediate Level 2 (6-10) Ballet, Jazz, Tap
  • Advanced Level 1 (8-12) Jazz, Modern, Tap
  • Advanced Level 2 (10-14) Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Acro
  • Ballet Level 2 (7 & up) Classical Ballet
  • Ballet Level 3 (8 & up) Classical Ballet, Pre- Pointe training
  • Pre-Pointe (10 & up) Pre-pointe and strength training

Dance/Gymnastics Combo Classes

Dancing Tumblebears are the dance/gymnastics combo classes. They have classes for 3-4 year olds and a class for 5-6 year olds. These classes start in the dance studio where students focus on ballet and jazz then get to spend the last half of class in the gym working at the floor, vault, beam or bars!


  • Dancing Tumblebears 1 (3-4 years old) Dance and Gymnastics
  • Dancing Tumblebears 2 (5-6 years old) Dance and Gymnastics

Dance Recitals

Students are given the opportunity to shine on stage twice a year. They prepare for a fall recital as well as a spring recital. These opportunities not only allow them to show off what we have been working on in class but also give them the opportunity to learn poise, grace, and confidence!

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