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 photo Archdiocese Louisville Family Fun Blog_zpswfqwq06q.jpgAs parents, there are countless decisions you make on behalf of your children. Some decisions are easier than others, like signing up for soccer or scheduling that dreaded dentist appointment. Other more complex choices can determine your children’s path for the rest of their lives and choosing a school may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. So many factors feed into this decision including your values surrounding a faith-based education, curriculum, cost, location, services and programs offered.

At the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville, we believe you’re not only choosing a school for your children, you’re choosing a community for your family. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, we offer an inclusive community of dedicated educators, parents and advocates. In Catholic schools, students are taught through the Catholic faith that all they do in life is greater with love, and they receive a strong spiritual foundation and an education that guides them for the rest of their lives. Parents are active partners in their children’s education and have the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with other parents who also want their children to grow in knowledge, faith and compassion.

We want your children to know that their greatest potential is not reflected simply by high test scores, but at the intersection of their God given gifts, the desire to learn and their willingness to serve others.

This important decision is for your children and also for your entire family. Don’t just choose a school; join a community where you can develop a supportive social network.

Together with you, we will help your children embark on a sacred journey. Your children will learn how to wield their intelligence, compassion and spiritual conviction throughout the rest of their lives to make their home, community and world a better place.

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  • We are so glad we chose Saint Mary Academy for our sons! They are learning to be peace builders of their Catholic faith, while getting a first rate education. After 6 years there, we truly feel like we are part of a welcoming Catholic community. It has been the best choice for our family!

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