Review of Bellarmine Basketball Camp


 photo IMG_7950_zps0iwngp24.jpgThis is the first #LouFamFun kid review!  I am going to give you an introduction and then my son is going to tell you about his camp experience.  Camp was $225 and we registered several months ago by mailing in our registration form and a deposit of $50.  I spoke to the coaches and they said there are still spots available this summer. You can find more information about their camp here. They have general and skill-specific camps through the end of July.  The camp fee included a full lunch, shirt and basketball to take home. From the parent perspective, I thought the camp was extremely well-run, organized and the kids really did look like they were having fun.  Also, it’s an 8am drop off and 4pm pick-up, it’s great to have a full-day sports camp option.

Here’s James’ kid review…………the first time since starting this website in 2009 when he was only two years old. Now, he’s 10 and can give you his opinion first hand.

Take it from here James!


 photo IMG_7911_zpspxi9rdtc.jpgTo start off the day at camp, every morning, the kids would shoot around from 8 to 8:30. Then, we would sit down and Coach Davenport would tell us about some things like attitude and behavior. Then we split up into age groups and stretched. The age groups split up into different parts of the camp area and started doing drills. Also the Bellarmine players are the coaches/counselors all week. After a while, we would stop playing and go to canteen break. Canteen break is about 15 to 20 minutes long and the age groups go one at a time not just all at once. At the beginning of the week, the parents leave money for us to spend on snacks. After canteen break, we go back to the gym and do contests like 4 on 4 and free throw shooting and hot shot, for example. Then we go back to eat lunch. Again, they do one age at a time.

After lunch, we go back to knock out and other fun things. After that, we go back for our other and final canteen break. Then, we go back to the gym and play 5 on 5. On the first day the coaches pick players to be on their team and on the last day of camp, we do a tournament for 5 on 5. After every day of camp, Coach Davenport talked to us again and then we would leave, but sometimes the coaches do a competition like half court shots to see who will go home first.

Here are some of my favorite things about Bellarmine Basketball camp:

  • I liked scrimmages because everybody got play not just the really good people.
  • I liked lunch because their food was good.
  • I liked doing the competitions because they were exciting.
  • I liked getting the shirt and basketball because they look cool.
  • I liked having the players as our coaches because it was fun to meet them.
  • I liked meeting new friends because it’s fun to have someone to play with. 


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