Review of the Sprayground at Robsion Park in Louisville, KY


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I was so excited when I found out that there was a new sprayground opening in Louisville. Where we live, we are about halfway between the one at Mary T. Meagher and the one at the Marshall playground in the Parklands, both of which are great, but not the most convenient for us. We couldn’t wait to try out the one in Lyndon at Robsion Park!

Overall, we really like the sprayground. There are a variety of areas for little to big kids. There are even movable pieces for children to manipulate and make it ever more fun! My son loved the small areas that allowed him to not be intimidated and my daughter loved the large frog at the other end. There are restrooms pretty close to the sprayground. They are the typical park restrooms and are in good condition and were clean when we were there.

 photo 20170526_155634_zpsfvijiiwe.jpgI took my kids at the end of last summer right after it was finished. I quickly noticed that there were no benches or tables for adults to sit and hoped that they would soon fix that. Luckily, they did. There are now 3 benches on one side of the sprayground. Nice, yes, but not nearly enough in my opinion. Having 3 on the other side would make a big difference! There were people sitting under trees and on concrete pads just to have a place to sit down. I’d recommend that parents bring their own chairs just in case.

The other thing that I feel like the space is missing is some shade. There are two small trees that allow for some shade, but other than that, you’re in the bright sun the entire time. When I think about the one in the Parklands, it has plenty of tables and chairs in the shade. Hopefully, as the city realizes how much this sprayground will be utilized, they will make plans to add some additional shaded space and tables. There is definitely room for it with a huge field on one side.

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For those of you unfamiliar with this Robsion Park, it sits right in the middle of Lyndon behind the post office on Lagrange Rd. (a perk for my 2 year old son who was fascinated by the large amounts of mail trucks!). The park has a huge amount of green space in its 17 acres of land. There is a great track to walk or run on all around the park. In addition, there are two playgrounds within a short distance of the sprayground (although too far away to have monitor a child on the playground and another on the sprayground simultaneously).

We will definitely be going back to the sprayground many times this summer! The proximity to our house and the free entertainment value definitely make it worth it. I just hope I can find a seat!

By Guest Contributor: Lauren
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