Review of Archery Class at Jefferson Memorial Forest


 photo 4d5c2f93-8bba-4bae-ae8b-f948fe7a8d70_zpsnr0sndpb.jpgIn August, my son and I decided to check out the Archery Class held at Jefferson Memorial Forest.  This class helps participants learn how to safely use a bow and arrow. This program teaches “familiarization with equipment as well as the form and skills needed to hit your marks. This program is for all physical ability levels and all equipment is provided.”

I didn’t realize that adults could participate along with kids 8 and older, so I only signed up my 8 year old son. We had a little difficulty finding our location at the Horine Reservation and at first visited the welcome center who then directed us to the correct location. We still struggled with the exact location but finally found it with a few minutes to spare.

 photo IMG_0652_zpszkj7lnvw.jpgOur instructors were patient and knowledgeable. As well as teaching us all about archery they also taught us a few things about the forest, such as what poison ivy looked like so we wouldn’t get too close. The biggest lesson my son learned was safety, which included whistle commands to listen for so he would know what step to start next. Since my son was new to this sport, he was intimidated by the other participants (adults and other children who had done archery before) but enjoyed his time at the class and by the end was able to hit the target with his arrows.

We both had a good time and truly appreciated the patience and guidance the instructors gave us during our visit to the forest. We hope to be able to participate at a future class so we can both learn more! If you do go, remember bug spray and water bottles. Also, while there are bathrooms, they aren’t very fancy. This class cost $15 per person. The next Archery Class is scheduled for August 12th. Find out more about offerings at Jefferson Memorial Forest at their website or Facebook page!

By Guest Contributor: Kelly
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