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Chances are, if you’ve been to any of your local parks recently, or maybe just within your neighborhood grounds, you may have stumbled across painted rocks. The craze is really sweeping the nation, especially as of late spring of this year when the Today Show did a segment highlighting the Kindness Rocks Project. Since then, rock painting groups have sprung up in cities nationwide. The idea is simple, basically you paint rocks, giving them cute and fun looks, and a lot of the time including inspirational or kind words, then hide them in places for others to find.

Because we are new to this, we decided (myself, my two kids, and 2 of our neighbor kids), to start small on our own and paint some rocks to distribute at the park. The kids had fun hunting and collecting their rocks. We washed them up, painted them, and then added some words to a few. Finding places to hide their rocks was great fun, and one of us even found someone else’s painted rock along the way!

Did you know there are local rock painting groups in our community?!?!

That’s right, if you and your family find as much fun and soul fulfillment in this activity as we did, you can join up with local groups in your area to explore even more opportunities! The rules of participation are the same for all groups. Get creative and paint a rock any way you please. Spray a clear sealer over the rock to preserve your artwork. Hide your rock in a park or other public area in the community. Be on the lookout for rocks hidden by others. If you find one, you can replace it with one of your own, re-hide it or keep it if it’s meaningful to you. The groups below also have social media pages where you can share photos of the rocks you decorate and find! For each group it is important to check the restrictions as there are some parks and public places that are off limits for hiding rocks. 

 photo 20170808_191725_zpsp9jqnha1.jpg photo 20170808_111151_zpsv4vg9wua.jpg502Rocks is a Louisville-based rock painting group. “We believe in Random Acts of Kindness through painting and hiding rocks. Through our art we strive to enrich our community and cultivate a spirit of togetherness.” This is a very active group offering several painting events throughout the year.

Louisville Rocks paints and hides rocks around Louisville and the surrounding areas “to spread joy and brighten people’s day.” This is a community-building group for people of all ages.

Oldham County Rocks participants paint rocks to hide around Oldham County parks and other public areas. You can participate by decorating rocks and posting photos of your masterpiece before you hide it. Anonymous participation is also permitted.

Elizabethtown Rocks is a public group intended to spread beauty and kindness in our community. If you find a rock, Elizabethtown Rocks hopes you will post a photo to their page so others can see your find.

So. In. Rocks is a public group dedicated to spreading joy and kindness all around Southern Indiana. They have an active Facebook pages for sharing found/hidden rocks.


Harrison County Rocks is a public group inviting people to spread beauty and kindness around Harrison County, Indiana. You must request to become a member of the Facebook page.

Upcoming rock painting events:

Big Four Arts Festival 2017 – Big Four Bridge, Sept 9th and 10th
#502Rocks! At Via Colori – The Big Four Lawn, Oct 21st and 22nd

Keep an eye on our calendar for more rock painting events around Louisville!

By Guest Contributor: Karen

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