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Louisville trick-or-treat timesSunset in Louisville on Halloween 2017 will be at 6:44pm. This may affect when you want to head out to trick-or-treat…… especially if you have little ones. And, despite it being a weekday school night, Louisvillians keep trick-or-treating to Halloween night.  Of course, if you want to do something else with your family on another date, there are plenty of trick-or-treat Halloween events leading up to Halloween that are fun for the family.

Most counties have trick-or-treat times between 5-8pm though Jefferson County traditionally has not set any specific hours. We suggest 5:45-7pm to safely venture out when it is not quite dark and be heading home before it is too dark.

If/when we find specific details about communities in Louisville or our outer counties adopting specific/stricter trick-or-treating times, we will update this post to list the information!

If you are at home and want trick-or-treaters to stop by, simply turn on your light outside as a signal that you welcome trick-or-treaters. Also, if you are an allergy-friendly house, you can put out a teal pumpkin or hang a teal pumpkin sign so kids/families with allergies know you have items that are safe for them. There are lots of ideas for non-food treats!

Looking for a cool spot to trick-or-treat outside of your own neighborhood? I know it wraps up pretty early in my neighborhood – maybe you want to be out later. Hillcrest Ave. (unofficially Louisville’s “Halloween Street”) welcomes trick-or-treaters from 5-9pm on Halloween. The neighborhood is all decorated for the night and it’s a big deal. You can bring canned goods and if you see a milk crate outside of a house, drop the canned goods in and they donate to a local food bank.  Also, they decorate early so you can go meander around throughout October. See details here about trick-or-treating on Hillcrest Ave.

What about weather changes? In the past, we have seen some counties, cities, municipalities, and neighborhood change trick-or-treating dates/times if the weather is predicted to be dangerous so pay attention to your own area or neighborhood groups in the event of storms.  Though, most do not change because of rain.

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