Silo Center Bike Park at Turkey Run Park


We recently checked out the new Silo Center Bike Park at Turkey Run Park. This new addition to The Parklands of Floyds Fork offers exciting mountain bike trails and pump tracks for different skill levels. The Silo Center Bike Park consists of two different Pump Tracks, a Toasted Swine Skills Loop and five Flow Trails. My 9 year old son and I are far from experienced mountain bikers and found that we were able to safely enjoy the two Pump Tracks, Toasted Swine Skills Loop and Flying Pig Flow Trail during our first visit.


For beginners, the Pump Tracks are a great way to practice before heading out on the more challenging Flow Trails. The Toasted Swine Skills Loop is the next step after the Pump Tracks. This short, but exhilarating circle has rollers (mounds), berms (banked turns), one steep downhill, exposed flat rocks and several wooden features. This skills builder loop has options to choose depending on your skill level and confidence.  A rider can choose to take it easy down the smaller hill, take the fast hill or jump off of the exposed rock ledge. The wooden features have flat trails next to them also. We saw several young riders on the Flow Tracks and skills loop.

All of the tracks, loop and trails are one way. The Flow Trails are all downhill and have signs posted with difficulty level and tips for a safe ride. The main sign at the entrance of the park gives more information on each trail. The ride times range from 3 minutes all the way up to 5 minutes. There are return routes that put riders on paved trails with pedestrians. These return routes can take an additional 5 minutes and are uphill.

We did not try The Trough, Crazy Red’s or Piglet Flow Trails. There were several experienced mountain bikers around that offered recommendations based on our skill level. These 3 other trails had steeper and faster features, which were out of our league. Crazy Red’s has a 10’ wall ride at the very beginning of the trail. Again, riders can choose to do the feature or the alternate line next to it. It’s fun to watch riders fly off of the wall from the top of the trail!

Safety is key when visiting the Silo Center Bike Park.  Make sure you read the rules before heading out on the trails and Pump Tracks. Helmets are required for all riders and no one is allowed to walk along the trails. The large sign at the entrance to the park has a map, details about each trail and other important information everyone should read first. Make sure your bike has good working brakes because the trails are downhill and can be fast. Some of the Flow Trail features are described as being similar to downhill skiing and rollercoasters.

We really enjoyed our time at the Silo Center Bike Park. It’s easy to find and is close to parking, the water fountains and restroom facilities at Turkey Run Park. We were pleased that there were options for beginners and also experienced, thrill-seekers. This park is a great addition to The Parklands and we look forward to exploring mountain biking and building our skills with each visit.

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By Guest Contributor: Nicolle

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