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Martial Arts classes Louisville Is your child interested in martial arts movies or video games? Do they want to become the next Martial Arts super star? Do they need to learn essential life skills like discipline and focus to become better students in and outside the classroom? Just for Kicks at All About Kids is the perfect place for your child to take martial arts lessons because our lessons focus on helping students develop essential life skills such as discipline, focus and self-control as well as personal responsibility. During the journey to Black Belt, students will learn essential self-defense skills, stay fit and have a lot of fun!?

Martial Arts classes Louisville Our classes are taught by the best instructors in martial arts so your kids will be learning the right skills necessary to achieve their goals. Just for kicks teaches classes starting as young as age 2 with our little ninjas class! This is the perfect class for you and your 2 year old child to begin basic martial arts training side by side.  In the little ninjas program, students will begin to develop martial arts motor skills, learn basic kicks and punches, participate in balancing and jumping drills and play lots of fun little ninja games!

All About Kids Martial Arts Our Mighty Kid’s is a class designed for ages 4-6 and dives deeper in to martial arts. Mighty Kids students will be exposed to a classroom atmosphere charged with a healthy energy level, in which the students will be instructed in a “Firm but Friendly” teaching style. They will learn basic martial arts skills and age appropriate self-defense. Our classes will help students develop focus, coordination, and the importance of hard work. The Mighty Kid curriculum aims to develop practices that contribute to school success.

Our Karate Kid’s class is designed for ages 7-12 and is more advanced. Students in these classes will learn core martial arts skills including self-defense, boxing, kicking, blocking and basic sparring concepts.  As they advance, students will begin learning intermediate and advanced martial arts skills and application.  As students move through their ranks, more is expected from them in the areas of technique, knowledge and overall attitude.

All About Kids Martial Arts Your student will never get bored in a Just for Kicks class and will continuously learn essential skills to become a better student in and out of the classroom. Our martial arts students are always striving to achieve more and more. That’s why we offer belt testing several times a year. Not only is it something great for them to work towards and achieve but it is also a great way for parents to see how far their child has come in an amazing program!

At All About Kids, we emphasize self-worth, personal growth, health, mutual respect, responsibility, safety, teamwork while having fun. Our one-of-a kind kids’ sports center exists to further the happiness and health of our clients. We strive to become friends and mentors to the students who come through our doors. We have passion, energy and enthusiasm in everything we do, and we are often recognized and congratulated for our professionalism and positive atmosphere. We take great pride in teaching more than sports and classes. We are teaching kids self-confidence through hard work and increasing their self-esteem through our sports lessons. Call our office today for a FREE trail lesson in one of our awesome Just for Kicks Classes!!!


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