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Bear Paddle Swim School Bear Paddle Swim School is a month-to-month year round swim school offering 30-minute swim lessons seven days a week. We make swimming a convenient and consistent part of your student’s routine. It’s easy to enroll! Pick a day and time that works best for your family and that is your reserved time until your student moves up a level, your schedule changes, or you need to take a break. Register today and start tomorrow!

One of the most popular questions we receive at Bear Paddle is “How Long Will It Take for My Child to Learn to Swim?”

Swimming may look easy, but it takes an immense amount of coordination that is sometimes underestimated. Swimming involves mastering every single muscle in the body in order to move smoothly, efficiently, and safely through the water. That’s a lot to ask of a young student who may still be growing!

Every child learns differently. Some respond well to silly, imaginative lessons, and others need more structured classes to help them focus on the skills at hand. Building on your child’s strengths and customizing lessons to their learning styles helps students develop skills while having fun. Swim lessons

Here are a few tips to help your student master swimming quickly:

  • Come to lessons consistently. It’s easy for a child to forget skills over the course of one week. Missing additional lessons per month can lead to regression, which is hard to overcome.
  • Review the skills needed to master a level. Bear Paddle provides Patch Rewards for every skill mastered in a level. Collecting these Patch Rewards can motivate students, but in order to earn a skill, Deck Managers look for several lessons of successful completion. Missing a lesson can stall progress.
  • Add a second swim per week, or enroll in Swim Camps. These extra lessons can push a student into the next level by building muscle memory and coordination. Can’t commit to a send swim every week? Use Drop In Lessons to schedule additional classes as your schedule allows!
  • Review skills at home with Homework Tips. Level 1 and 2 require mastery of skills that can be practiced in a bathtub or kiddie pool. Blowing bubbles, pouring water over the ears, and floating on the back at home can help kids feel more comfortable performing a skill at swim lessons.
  • Try out a new coach. Sometimes a new teaching style can help a student understand a skill that was previously difficult for them!
  • Talk with the Deck Manager. Deck Managers have detailed, individualized feedback for every student, and can give homework, advice, and follow-up for students who may be having a hard time with certain skills.

Swim Lesson gift cards

Ultimately, your students’ progression depends on their learning style, how frequently they swim, and their coordination. If you have any concerns about your students’ progress, or to schedule additional swims to boost progress, stop by the Front Desk for scheduling help and updates!

Give The Gift of Swimming This Holiday Season!

Through December 22, Bear Paddle is offering free teddy bears with the purchase of a $25 gift card. The gift of swimming is a great gift from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and more! Give the gift today and spread the love of swimming and water safety!

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