Sports Fest Louisville Returning in January


When I heard about Sports Fest I wasn’t sure if it was something my kids would enjoy because they aren’t super sports enthusiasts. However, I saw a New Year’s Day deal and I figured it would be worth giving it a shot.

Sports Fest is in a big space and at first it felt a little empty, but as we started exploring, we soon realized how many activities were being offered. We started with a football passing contest and went around in a circle. At each station completed we received a wristband and our lanyard was checked off.

My kids really enjoyed all the events but especially liked Bellarmine Fishing (teaching us how to cast a fishing rod), archery with The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Home Run Derby with Metro Parks and Recreation. Everyone helping at the activities was great with the kids! Adults were also able to participate in the activities if they wanted to give it a shot. Activities included: tennis, cheer, bowling, baseball, home run derby, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, fishing, archery, golf, and football. The Indianapolis Colts were also represented with a blow up football throwing game and their In Motion tour bus. And I can’t forget to mention my kid’s favorite thing, a bounce house type game where they had to dodge a swinging bat sponsored by the Louisville Bats!

When you buy your tickets online you are able to sign up for clinics, but I didn’t because I wasn’t exactly sure if my kids would be interested in trying them. Once there we discovered that the clinics were short instruction periods (around 20 minutes) with an expert, such as the Louisville City Soccer players.My family would highly recommend checking out Sports Fest as it was great for my boys to try sports they have not been introduced to as well as improve their skills on games they knew!

We visited Sports Fest in 2017, and we’re pleased to that it’s returning in 2018 on January 6th and 7th. For more information, visit this website.

By Guest Contributor: Kelly
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