Cooking by Numbers


Cooking and eating together are some of the best family memories to create for your children. I remember my dad teaching me the family meatball recipe and each time I would get to do a little more until I was able to make them on my own. And, I can make some really awesome mashed potatoes because of my mom. Now that I am a parent, I have my staple recipes – those go-to family meals that I use over and over again. Well, I am kind of bored. Also, I’d like my kids to eat a wider variety of foods. The problem is, if I put a plate of steamed broccoli out on the table………..they aren’t going for it. They just don’t like it and yes, it’s a bit plain.

I went to Turnip the Beet and cried for help!  They have experience working with kids in their kitchens and know what they like. Together, we are bringing you Cooking by Numbers.  Really short, really simple ways to mix up what and how you are cooking to bring your family 1,2,3,4+ delicious new things to try.


Every other Friday at 11 am, tune into the Louisville Family Fun Facebook page for our live show. I am not the one cooking, I’m just there for the talk but I will have a chef with me and I promise…….they know how to cook better than I do! You can ask questions for the chef!

Here are the upcoming shows and topics:

January 26th
3 Simple ways to make broccoli fun

February 9th
5 Steps to making Mac n Cheese without the box

February 23rd
2 New twists on “boring” chicken

March 9th
3 Ways to hide veggies in your baking

March 23rd
3 Fun & healthy picnic snacks

Remember, tune into Louisville Family Fun on Facebook at 10:30 am on the dates listed above.

See you then!

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