Birthday Parties at Lazer Blaze


Lazer Blaze Laser tag birthday party recently changed the format for their birthday parties so they invited us in for a review. We had a party with a dozen 9-11 year old boys and girls which is a great age since their parties are catered toward kids age 7 and up. The party options are all clearly outlined on their website that shows the traditional party package and the upgrade options. We had the “Galaxy” party that includes all that the traditional party included (party room, two games of laser tag, drinks, pizza) but with $5 in game tokens for each kid as well.

When you book, you will get information about the scheduled laser tag times so you can make sure your guests arrive on time. The party flowed as such: arrival, laser tag game (~20 minutes), time in party room for a treat or drink, another laser tag game (~20 minutes), time in party room for pizza and drinks, finish with video games and prize redemption.

The party was an hour and 40 minutes. That’s time time frame for which you have the room but you can certainly hang out in the venue longer. The party was structured in such a way that the kids kept moving through the activities and there was very little down time for them to have nothing to do. I really liked how it flowed, it went by so easily and quickly while the kids were occupied. The room was set up, clean and ready for us, pizza and drinks were waiting when the kids got out of laser tag, and the staff member cleaned up everything all while passing along some laser tag tricks and tactics. It was a very smooth party.

The kids loved the video games so I would suggest adding that on to the party package and then you don’t have to worry about party favors – they pick their own from the ticket redemption counter. Of course, the kids enjoyed the laser tag and checking their scores. I liked that it was all contained and I could watch from the observation deck. I never had to worry where all the kids were because I knew they were in the laser tag arena. Parties start at around $160 and increase as you add attendees and activities.

Also to note, they make the pizza there and it is really good. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pizza. We had leftovers because we had an additional pizza and they packed it up for us to take home.

There are more options for party add-ons like extra token, game on mini-golf, additional food options and such – all that you can add when you book online. The process online is very nice in terms of getting it all done at once!

I recommend Lazer Blaze for birthday parties if you are looking for something that’s really no-hassle!

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