$5 Fridays with Louisville Family Fun


I purchased these when I was teaching. STORIES to read to my students in MATH class – they were not on the normal supply list. I still love them and also love that they have my maiden name and room number on them to this day!

I was a teacher in Texas and North Carolina and made well with the supplies I had but definitely spent my own money on may things I wanted for my classroom. These items were typically those outside of the normal scope of what the school had already or what would be purchased. For those teachers thinking outside of the box and wanting items for special initiatives, I want to do something special. Innovation is always a good thing and these teachers should have what they need!

My friend who runs Rocket City Mom in Alabama launched a $5 Fridays group for folks who want to give $5 to a teacher’s project each Friday. As I drink my latte and type this, I realize I can totally trade this latte for a $5 donation to help a teacher – and it’ll probably make me feel better than this sugar and caffeine!

Dry erase boards are common now but 18 years ago, I had to buy them. Still use them when I tutor!

If you would like to join in and commit $5 to a local teachers’ request every Friday and kick-start your weekend feeling GREAT, click here and join our Facebook group. And, please do invite your local friends. 

You have a suggestion for us? Please send your suggestion to info@louisvillefamilyfun.net and include the donorschoose.org link to the specific project. We will consider it.

Thank you for being a part of the LouFamFun readership – this platform is here to do good!


UPDATE: Over $3,500 raised in 20 weeks.


Read/watch this WDRB story!



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