Review of Turnip the Beet decorating class for kids


Turnip the Beet invited our girls to this class for purpose of review.

Turnip the Beet has such a variety of class options, it was difficult to pick which class our girls would like most. To keep it simple, we went with the decorating class for their first experience at Turnip the Beet. If they liked it, they could progress to some made-from-scratch baking or cooking classes.

Turnip the Beet is in Old Louisville and just a few turns away from I-65. It’s a drop off class, so I dropped the girls off at the class and went to the downtown YMCA for my workout. That was really convenient.

When we arrived, the girls signed in and put on aprons. There were emoji activities to do while they waited for everyone to arrive and get started. They really enjoyed taking photos with the emoji themed props! Once the girls were comfortable, I left so the rest of the review is based on what they made and their feedback.

At the end of the workshop, I returned and made myself a coffee (they have it in the waiting area for parents!) and watched as the staff called the students by number to complete their decorating and get everything boxed up to take home. There was a lot going on but it was all coordinated and everyone had something to do. The girls were easily able to follow the instructions that were given. I was impressed they were able to complete several different types of projects in just two hours.

Each child came home with two boxed poop emoji cupcakes that they baked and decorated, dipped Oreo cookies that they decorated, and several sugar cookies that they also decorated with fondant and edible markers. The Oreo cookies were boxed and the sugar cookies were neatly contained in a bag. The girls decorated their boxes and bags. They really liked the edible markers for the cookies! I was really happy that everything was packaged so nicely to take home so we wouldn’t have cookies slipping off of paper plates!

That night, we all had dessert and that was a nice bonus. The girls were eager to share their treats and proudly showcased their creative decorating. This class is a really fun idea for friends to go together and make a mess…..somewhere other than your own kitchen. The theme was relevant and appealing to kids. The girls expressed that they’d like to try another class in the future!

Fees for classes vary at Turnip the Beet so check out their website to see what options they have available in the upcoming weeks. They even have family classes and parent/child classes.


1164 S. Brook St, Louisville, KY 40203

Stephanie & Brandy

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