Liege & Dairy Review

Liege & Dairy Ice cream and wafflesLiege & Dairy brings waffles and ice cream to Louisville.

We recently went to check out a brand new ice cream shop, Liege & Dairy located in the Holiday Manor shopping center. The food is made here in Louisville, with many local ingredients including milk from a Kentucky dairy farm.

Upon entering Liege & Dairy, there is a wall of photos displaying the available ice cream flavors. The employees are very friendly and helpful and were quick to answer questions regarding flavors since descriptions were not included with the photos. There are quite a few flavors to choose from! Once you’ve decided you can select a cup or homemade waffle cone (1 scoop or two), a sundae, or have your ice cream on a waffle (or waffle sandwich). The waffle is the liege in Liege & Dairy, and their Liège waffle sundaes are indeed legendary in taste!

Liege & Dairy Ice cream and waffles

The ice cream is very creamy, rich, smooth and dense due the quality milk used and the minimal air whipped into the ice cream during production. The waffle is made fresh in front of you, using a batter similar to donuts. Sugar pearls are mixed into the dough right before it is put on the Belgium waffle iron, helping it taste sweet, dense, and soft, and chewy. All in our group agreed the ice cream waffle sundae was the best option (over a cone or cup).

It may seem pricey once you get to the waffle sundae level, but none of us could finish our ice cream in the large serving sizes. While they only have one scoop size, the ice cream portions could easily be split between two people. All of our group agreed we would never attempt to eat a whole Liège & Dairy’s sundae again. Liège & Dairy is a great place for a date night, or a treat to split with your kids.

Everyone in our group agreed that ice cream at Liege & Dairy was equal to or better than any other ice cream we have ever eaten. We’re looking forward to going back to try the milkshakes next time! Liège & Dairy is active on Facebook and Instagram.

By Guest Contributor: Caryn

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