Momventures: Glamping in Kentucky


glamping kentucky

Glamping is exactly what it sounds like: glamorous camping. The next time you want to plan a momventure with your mom friends to get away from it all, check out some of these awesome glamping options within the state of Kentucky. And don’t worry, most of them have running water and showers available.


Try glamping because camping just isn’t that fun anymore once you reach a certain age. Who wants to sleep on the floor and walk half a mile to the nearest bathroom? But there is definitely something nice about getting out into the great outdoors, and sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle to recenter yourself in nature. Kentucky has great outdoor spaces, and along with that comes a new way to enjoy them: glamping.


  • The Tree Canopy Crew, Red River Gorge – These folks have been on my radar for years now thanks to Instagram. They build high end tree houses throughout the Red River Gorge area. Some feature things like hammocks and sky lights, while others have fully functioning bathrooms, kitchens, and even heat. This is the best way to sleep under the stars hands down. I can’t wait to be able to check one out myself!


  • Paris Landing in Paris, KY – Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to mean sleeping on the hard ground. Sometimes tents come furnished with actual beds and furniture! This resort also has the option for boating, including canoeing and kayaking, so there’s plenty to do.


  • Homegrown Hideaways in Berea – I recently discovered this quite by accident and I’m so excited – yurts and tipis! And there’s always tons to do in Berea if you are interested in art, nature, or local crafts.


glamping kentucky

  • The Old Hashienda in Rabbit Hash, KY – Rabbit Hash is a warm weatherdestination for bikers. It’s basically a mini Sturgis every weekend. There’s food, shopping, wine tasting, and gorgeous river views all within a little wide spot in the road. The famous Rabbit Hash General Store often hosts live music, and the town has a dog for its mayor. It’s a great place to spend a fun weekend just hanging around!


  • Tree House in Germantown, KY – Not to be confused with Germantown, Louisville, this is a far suburb of the Cincinnati/Maysville area. There are cat walks, swings, hammocks, and a camping-style kitchen setup.


  • Wigwam Village in Cave City – OK, so it’s more historic motel than glamping, but there’s a ton to do in Cave City from Mammoth Cave to Kentucky Action Park. There used to be dozens of these fun kitschy roadside attractions across the nation, but this remains one of two Wigwam Villages left in the entire United States.


  • Off Grid In Stanton – If you need to be forcibly unplugged from reality, it’s time to go off-grid. There’s everything you need to stay warm and cozy and none of the distracting Internet or television that will destroy your inner peace. There’s an outhouse for the bravest among you, but not to worry – there’s a traditional bathroom nearby for anyone who doesn’t want to get too rustic.

By Guest Contributor: Maggie

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