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Sports birthday party fun at Baptist Health Performance Training!

sports birthday party

Both of my kids have birthdays in the same month, 20 days apart. I used to try to schedule two separate birthdays but eventually we started doing one birthday part right in the middle and it works out so much better that way. For the last several years we have done birthday parties at a skating rink, but this year the kids wanted to do something different. There was just one problem: I didn’t have a clue what to do. We like to be courteous to party-goers’ parents by doing some sort of physical activity to balance out all the sugar and excitement and roller skating is really the perfect way to accomplish that. Fortunately I found out that Baptist Health Performance Training offers multiple awesome sports birthday party themes so we decided to check it out.

When we arrived we filled out waivers (which you can do online but I forgot) and the kids went to have open play time on the field while we were waiting for everyone to show up. The first half an hour is typically reserved for cake and whatnot, but we ended up having people showing up for about 20 minutes so the coaches were very gracious and flexible about letting the kids just play and grab a quick cupcake before starting the organized games. sports birthday party

When you book your party you get to choose from a list of sports activities. If your child loves soccer you could totally just do a soccer party. If you’re child is really into football there are lots of options there as well. My kids don’t really do organized sports so we chose dodgeball, sharks and minnows, and a relay race obstacle course.

This is where the coaches are worth their weight in gold. There were 15 kids ranging in age from kindergarten to fifth grade out there on the field and they kept the games moving smoothly and made sure no one got hurt. They were super enthusiastic, which translated to engaged and interested kids. I had to pull some of the kids off the field to remind them to get a drink of water at one point!

Everyone who came in remarked that they had no idea this place was here and what a fun idea it was for a birthday party. I’m so glad we found out about it! One of the best parts was when we were pulling up there was a sign out front that said, “Happy Birthday Jake and Mason” which totally made my kids feel like rock stars.

sports birthday party “I liked it because I got to play fun games with my friends. The dodgeball was really fun,” said my 9 year old.

“I like the games like dodgeball and also I liked sharks and minnows. The coaches were also pretty nice,” said my 11 year old.

Typically for a 1.5 hour coach led party the fee is $250, while to just rent the indoor sports field space it is $150. You are free to bring your own cake, snacks, and drinks. I will tell you, however, that the coaches are well worth the expenditure. The staff were wonderful, professional, great with kids, and made the whole party a breeze. A sports birthday party is a fun option for kids of all ages!

By Guest Contributor: Maggie

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