Review of Flying Axes


Flying Axes brings the sport of axe throwing to Louisville.

flying axes louisville

Flying Axes is new local business that pits friends and family against one another in an axe throwing competition. The venue is a large building with a bar and tables surrounded on two sides by cages. Each three-walled cage contains two targets. Players compete by throwing an axe at a target and making the axe stick to score points.

When you arrive, you sign the electronic waiver and a coach takes your group to a cage (the website says they allow walk-ins, but it looks like the reservations for the cages are always full during peak throwing times). The coach goes through techniques in how to properly throw your axe, how to score your throw if the axe sticks in the target, and then lets you start throwing. Two people take turns throwing the axes, five throws each ax thrower. Best out of five wins. Your coach stays with your group keeping score on an electronic board over your cage, and providing tips on your throwing technique for the time you paid to throw axes.

flying axes louisville The number of rounds you get to play per hour depends on how many people you have in your cage, how long it takes you to learn to throw, and how long it takes your throwers to each throw five times. Time goes by quickly, and if you make a reservation, your time starts at your reserved time – even if you’re late. I recommend getting to Flying Axes at least half an hour before your reservation time so you can take your time signing in, get a drink, and watch some of the throwers before you go to your own cage. There are lots of tables set up for viewing, and you can stay as long as you like watching everyone compete.

You can buy drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and bring in outside food to eat. There isn’t a lot of time to eat while throwing, so you may want to come early and eat and drink while you watch others throw, before your reserved throwing time.

You can tip your axe throwing coach, but at the time of this review, you put cash in the tip jar on the bar, and all the coaches and bartenders split the tips at the end of the day.

As of March 2018, the cost is $20 per thrower, per hour, with 4 to 8 throwers to a cage (you’ll be charged for a minimum of 4 throwers to reserve a cage). Throwing Axes is open Tuesday through Saturday with start times between Noon and 2pm, and closing times between 10pm-midnight depending on the day. Check the website for details.

flying axes louisville You must be age 13+ to throw axes till 8pm with a parent/guardian, and after 8pm there is a minimum age of 21 years old.

This was a great place for families, friends, dates, parties, and any special, or non-special event you can think of. Anyone over 13 would enjoy going to Throwing Axes. We’re excited to go back again soon!

By Guest Contributor: Caryn
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