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If you or your child are interested in tabletop role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, you need to know about Nerd Louisville!

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No one ever said parenting was going to be easy, right? So when my son told me he wanted to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons I knew there had to be a way, but I honestly had no idea where to start. Dungeons & Dragons has been around for decades, and it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to television shows like Stranger Things and Community. It’s a tabletop role playing game, which means it’s not a board game per se, so you can’t just go buy a box with some stuff in it and start playing DND, as the cool kids call it.

I started by going to comic book stores and Half Price Books begging for information. At Half Price Books the guy I happened to ask for help with a long time DND player. He showed me the books they had, none of which were likely to be the version my son would end up playing when he found a group. He suggested a comic book store for the book, dice, and a figurine. I ended up going into Book and Music Exchange, where I was able to purchase the special dice set needed for the game, though they were sold out of the other necessary items. They told me to look for groups through other comic books stores, mentioning Heroes Comics and Gaming.

After Twitter research I finally connected with Nerd Louisville and learned about the tabletop gaming night they hosted every other Friday night at Heroes Comics and Gaming. We headed that way the next opportunity we got, and after a little bit of asking around found a table with an open spot and the Dungeon Master, or DM, took it from there.

The next time we went he ended up with a different group – a mix of kids and adults – and found out they play there regularly and their game ends at midnight, whereas some of the others go until 2 a.m. So now every other Friday night he goes to play DND with the same group at Heroes Comics and Gaming until midnight. He’s learning the ropes and having a great time doing it.

Since we started he has acquired a few more gaming items from Heroes Comics and Gaming – they sell everything you need to play DND and many other role playing games, which is pretty handy for those of us who have no clue where to start. To get started you will need pencil and paper, a figurine, and a special set of dice. Eventually you will need some books and other accessories, but since kids often try new things and lose interest it’s ok to not rush into buying these things right away.

Heroes also sells snacks like packaged cookies and chips as well as bottled beverages, and buying those things is a great way to support them for providing the free space to play games. There’s a couch, loveseat, and coffee table with a television in the corner for anyone not playing, and sometimes there are empty tables closer to the action if you’d like to observe.

I’m so thankful for Nerd Louisville and Heroes Comics and Gaming. This was way out of my wheelhouse, but thanks to some kind folks my son was able to develop a great new hobby.

By Guest Contributor: Maggie

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