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Are you looking for the best gymnastics classes in Louisville? That is the mission at All About Kids.

best gymnastics classes in Louisville
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Preschool Gymnastics: As a parent, you only want the best for your child. The best is what we have to offer! Our preschool program is structured with the focus on the total well-being of each child. This approach allows us to help in the development of a strong learning foundation, which can be added upon in every child’s future. This is a foundation built not only for gymnastics skills, but for life skills as well such as following directions and waiting your turn.

At no other time does your child grow, change, and learn more rapidly than during these early childhood years. We provide a safe, stimulating environment where we will help your child reach his/her developmental potential.

Our preschoolers leave here feeling good about themselves as they learn more life skills and meet more challenges. Our main objective of Tumble Bears is FUN! This is what the kids love and it keeps them wanting to come back. Remember the importance of having fun and just being a kid. Fun and learning go hand in hand. Keep in mind that when there is FUN, learning is present.

 photo AAK2_20_zpswoautpxe.jpgSchool Age Program (Girls): The Recreational Girls Program is based on the developmental curriculum of the USA Gymnastics program and starts at the Kindergarten level. From beginner to advanced, we have it all! We teach more than just gymnastics skills; we teach skills that will carry our kids through life!

 photo AAK2_20_zpswoautpxe.jpgWe strive to build self-confidence during your child’s young stages of development by participating in sports. Kids are encouraged by the success of mastering a skill. It is proven that children who are more physically challenged develop the “I can do it” attitude. Not only can they do it, they have FUN doing it! We want to offer the best gymnastics classes in Louisville.

School Age Program (Boys): Boys of all ages enjoy the FUN of gymnastics – it is a kinesthetic, tactile (two general learning senses from birth) and strength building sport activity. Our program is designed for 4 year olds and up. We help kids develop physical abilities in balance, agility and strength while helping benefit the mind through perseverance, confidence and social interaction. While learning solid fundamental gymnastics and gym safety, your child will develop a love for learning and attempting new challenges. Gymnastics will benefit them in life experiences and all other sport activities they may choose in the future. Instruction is given on trampoline and all six Olympic events (floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar).

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