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GradePower Learning Goes Beyond Traditional Tutoring

Unlike traditional after-school tutors, GradePower Learning’s program goes beyond tutoring to help ignite students’ interest in learning, not just for one school year, but for a lifetime.

GradePower Learning uses cognitive learning techniques to help children develop more
effective ways of thinking, concentrating, listening and remembering. Cognitive learning isn’t about memorization or repetition—it’s about developing the skills necessary to feel confident to take on any learning challenge.

Working in small groups balancing on-on-one instruction with self-directed work, GradePower Learning students develop thinking and learning skills that help them perform better in daily schoolwork and on tests. Instead of focusing on memorization, cognitive learning encourages students to make connections to material being learned—throughout their classes, they effectively rewire their brain, becoming stronger students.

Whether a visual learner, auditory learner, or otherwise, cognitive learning helps all student develop and apply new concepts successfully. Cognitive learning is all about a “big picture” approach to learning. The result is a confident, capable student, better equipped to learn any subject matter, in any environment, now and in the future.

With programs ranging from Pre-K to SAT and ACT prep, GradePower Learning’s unique approach to after-school tutoring helps children of all ages and grades feel confident in the learning process. Learning isn’t a “one size fits all” approach: every child’s needs and abilities are unique. That’s why every GradePower Learning® program is customized to meet every child’s unique learning needs.

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